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ACT Xtreme Twin Disc Clutch Kit (Street Disc, Stage 3 PP)
ACT Xtreme Twin Disc Clutch Kit (Street Disc, Stage 3 PP)

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C3 Pre Cut Insulation Kit
SKU: 283
Original Price: $165.00
Sale Price: $125.00
Stock: 29
Premium Layer:
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Dont forget to order your roll of tape.
C3 Pre-Cut Full Insulation Kit

The 1st & Original Kit!!!




The C3 Pre-cut Insulation kit comes with everything you need to insulate and provide sound deadening in your Corvette, including Pre-cut pieces for your doors.




We have made the 1st and the Original Insulation Kit for the C3, and our kit is complete with pre-cut pieces for your doors, which allow road noise to be reduced in your front cabin. Our kit gives you everything you need to completely insulate your interior of your C3 Corvette. We have sold thousands of these kits for C4, C5 and C6 Vettes, and now we are proud to introduce the long awaited C3 kit!!!




Our kit is a non-fiberglass, non-asphalt based product which weighs in at 3 lbs. (for those who are weight conscious), it rejects 97% of the radiant heat, and has a manufacturer's rating of 10db of sound and road noise reduction!!!




 The insulation is only 3/16" thick, so as not to interfere with proper mounting of your panels and seats, and all holes are pre-cut & all pieces are clearly labeled for your convenience.




It is our #1 goal to provide you ease of install, while making a HUGE improvement in your overall enjoyment of your Corvette!!!




Each kit is hand cut to our specifications, off of our own templates, and guaranteed to make a dramatic difference in your C3!!!

Each kit comes with the following pieces:

  • Driver & Passenger front floorboard pieces, with holes cut for seat bolts and pedals.
  • Driver and Passenger kick panel pieces.
  • Driver & Passenger side tunnel pieces, cut around your console mounting screw holes.
  • Driver & Passenger side Door Panel pieces.
  • Cargo area floor pieces.
  • Full Side rear wheel well pieces.
  • Full back wall and corner pieces.
  • Pre-cut piece for wall behind seats.
  • Extra pieces for odds and ends coverage that you may need.

Say goodbye to over-heated center consoles, and noisy front cabins!!

Our C3 kit is the perfect addition to your C3, and is recommended for every Corvette owner as the #1 modification for their Corvette!!!

Your Corvette will be cooler in the summer, alot less noisy, and you will be able to enjoy your Corvette so much more.




Alot of research and development has gone into this kit, and we are proud to say that our kit is made to our demanding specs, in house, and cut off of our own templates.


It has 5 layers, and though it is rated at a 19db drop in noise, I have tested it in the Vettes at 8-11 db. reduction. Here are some manufacturer specs on it:






Characteristics | Value | Regulation
Cell Structure: Closed
Nominal Thickness: 5 mm (+ or - 0.5mm)
Steam Permeability: 0.033 gr/m2hkPa ASTM E-96
Noise Insulation: 19dBA IRAM 4063 at 50hz.
Flame Spread Index/Class: 25 or less/ "A" - Class 1 0 ASTM E-84
Smoke Index/Class: 450 or less/ "A" - Class 1 15 ASTM E-84






Aluminum Foil
polyethylene backing
closed-cell Polyethylene foam
polyethylene backing
Aluminum Foil


 You can also add our premium layer. It is a peel and stick Ensolite IUO insulation material. This is a very high grade foam/adhesive combination that will handle high heat, is fire retardant just like regular IUO and is stretchable enough for easy install. It makes a nice addition to our standard insulation kit. We have seen up to an additional 3db in sound reduction with this added.

This kit includes the following pieces:

  • Driver & Passenger side tunnel pieces, cut around your e-brake.
  • Full center console pieces, with holes for the center console bolts
  • Full Cargo area floor pieces.
  • Full Side rear wheel well pieces.
  • Rear wall behind the seats.







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