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 Our passion for Corvette’s all started with my father when he purchased his 66 Stingray in the early 70’s.  My sister and I would walk to the end of our half mile long driveway and eagerly await for my father to arrive home, just so we could “hitch a ride”.  We’d all three be smiling ear to ear, and is still a family favorite memory.

 Thirty five years later, our love for Corvette’s has only intensified.  Instead of “hitching a ride” from our Dad, we drive along beside him.  I’m thankful to have this strong bond between not only my immediate family, but the Corvette family as well.  It’s an intense bond only Corvette owners can truly understand and appreciate.  It’s a great “club” to be a part of.

We look forward to serving such an elite group of people with such a passion for Corvettes.  Fixin’ your Vette One Nut At A Time….