C5 Premium Insulation Layer Ensolite Pre Installed on Foil Kit

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                                      VetteNuts Premium Insulation Kit



When youwant to do all you can to insulate your Vette look no farther!


Click here for installation instructions



 Two Kits Pre Installed together for Maximum Sound Deadning

 Our Premium Kit is by far our best seller. We take our standard Insulation material and apply Ensolite which has a self adhesive backing. Once applied it becomes one and then we cut the kits with our templates. The Cost is substantial over our . Here is another great Insulation package from VetteNuts. It is a peel and stick Ensolite IUO insulation material pre installed on top of our Foil Kit. When these two kits are combined together the road noise inside your Vette is drastically reduced. We also provide some scrap material for you to use anywhere you like! Customers report 10-14DB drop in cabin noise.

The Ensolite was designed by NASA for the space program.This is a very high grade foam/adhesive combination that will handle high heat, is fire retardant just like regular IUO and is stretchable enough for easy install. It resembles a wet suit material.  This kit will make a huge difference in heat and road noise while adding only 9lbs to your Vette for both kits.


 Vettenuts has sold 1000's of these kits and there is lots of reviews on Corvetteforum.com.



This kit includes the following pieces:


  • LH and RH Tunnel
  • LH and RH Kick Panels (Foil Kit Only)
  • LH and RH Under Seats
  • Center Console and Shifter
  • Pre Cut Sections for Manual Shifter Box
  • Behind the Seats (Riser)
  • Rear Cargo Floor
  • LH and RH Fender Wells
  • Rear Bumper Wall Sections
  • Center Storage Compartment (C5)
  • Extra Material to Install in small areas of your choice
  • C5 Corner Cubby Compartment Bottoms

We do not include the kick panel sections in Ensolite. This makes the area to thick to reinstall the plastic kick panels when using both kits.

The manual cars will include the templates for your shifter box




Donald on 05/30/2013 09:50 am
I drove from mid west Illinois to near Murfreesboro TN to have Marc@Vettenuts.net install the interior insulation kit into my 2003 C5.

I arrived at the shop at 0830am. Joe got right to work. Stripping the interior. Seats, carpet, console; door panels, all out. The kit, all precisely cut the day before, and all labeled, began to fill my car. Each piece neatly fits together; like an intricate jigsaw puzzle; seamed with special tape. All forming a sound/heat resistant barrier against the outside elements. And, the process went smoothly, telling that they have 'the procedure' down efficiently. All my interior parts laid neatly and orderly aside, then re installed carefully later. I was happy to see how carefully they handled the parts, that all went back together just right.

I believe, that I got all I was promised here, and more. I really think this is a very good value here. Will last as long as your car, and the results immediately enjoyable, and easy to determine a worthwhile investment. Thanks Marc.


After I left the shop, to head home, the first thing I noticed was that the radio was 'too' loud. The volume where I always had the radio set, was too loud. At speed; the road noise, and the noise from the tires; is reduced a lot. A whole lot! It's quite surprising, in a very pleasant way. You hear the music from your stereo, so much better, the highs and the lows. I really love good music, good radio, good conversation; and all are now enhanced to a large degree. You notice a sense of 'absence of road noise', from my car. I did notice hearing other cars and trucks, as I passed or as they went by. This surprising, until I realized the quiet of my car, allows the sound of the others to be heard through the glass window; as they pass. A contradiction of sorts; but a pleasant one never the less. Several times, I turned my radio or Cd off; just to listen; to the absence of sound clutter. What you hear is just a great sports car on it's way down the road. Not lot's of tire noise, road noise, and background sound.

The fullest enjoyment of the heat reduction will be more fully noticed in the heat of next July/August, I'm sure. But you definitely feel the effects even now. The console and foot wells are much cooler now. When you see them install the kit, and seam all the insulation pieces together, you can easily imagine, how so much heat will be easily deflected to atmosphere; rather than absorbed up into the cockpit, or cab.
But; for a cool November 1100 mile drive (550 miles each way), a fun trip made even more satisfying in the quiet ride home; with the good feeling that my money was well spent. I got what I was promised, what I wanted, and it was an all around good adventure in my C5; as winter sets in here in Illinois.

I think anyone planning on keeping his/her car; this is a lot of bang for the buck; and a good investment, that will return pleasure for as long as you own your car. Marc@Vettenuts.net (and Joe) have a very good product here, worth a look.

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